Planet Seadragon

Planet Seadragon

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A Weedy Seadragon floats in the cool, clear waters of Westernport Bay beneath a vibrant blue sky. On this particular day the water was so clear you could see the clouds in the sky from well below the ocean surface, it was like diving in the tropics! This amazing animal looks as though it could be a spaceship floating majestically above the earth. Shot taken at Flinders Beach on Victoria's Mornington Peninsula. Photographed by myself, Matt Testoni.

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All prints are done locally in Melbourne.

Available in A1, A2, A3 & A4 art rags, Aluminium Metallic Prints, Canvas, Foamcore and Standard.

An A1, A2, A3 or A4 Print on Fine Art Rag (my preferred media) offers superior quality, superb colour, extreme detail and will maintain its colour and quality perfectly for years to come. The print comes with a small white border that can be matted if the product is framed. Additionally, you can choose to have the image framed for you in Wood, Black, White or Blue timber frames (note this will make the object slightly different in size to A3). Comes with white matting. 

A glossy printed Aluminium A4/A3 (other sizes available on request) print with a unique metallic shine really lets the image POP out at the viewer and comes ready to sit up or hang. These prints are water proof and are one of the longest lasting formats available, lasting generations. 

Canvas prints are available in 4 sizes. Perfect for large spaces that need a burst of colour. (Custom sizes also available on request) 

Foamcore A3/A4 prints are done in standard photographic paper and mounted on a 5mm foam backing with no matt or border, these prints can be easily framed if desired and are a good budget option compared to an Art Rag. 

Standard Photographic prints A4 are printed on photographic paper with a white matting around the outside and can be framed if desired. (These are not part of limited runs)