I’m Matt Testoni and my passion is the ocean!

I love diving beneath the waves and exploring the world below, where amazing and strange creatures live.

I had been diving for over 5 years before I even thought about capturing life underwater. Before that, I would occasionally dive with a common action camera, taking bad videos of playful seals, old shipwrecks, or Grey Nurse Sharks gliding along the ocean floor. To me diving was more about the freedom of the ocean.

It was when I started training as a dive instructor that I bought my first camera, ready for a two week stint working on the Great Barrier Reef. It was a small waterproof point-and-shoot camera with a basic waterproof housing. Taking photos soon became an obsession; a new housing and strobe was added, then a new camera, another strobe, a focus light… Yet, even though my camera collection was growing and changing, it is still the ocean that is my real fascination. Through my photography I want to capture the amazing world under the sea, and hopefully, to inspire and provoke the same feelings of freedom and awe that I get from exploring the world of the ocean.

Currently I use an Olympus OMDEM1 with various lens depending on the situation. I do use the old setup out of nostalgia occasionally.

You can check out some of my photos here, on Instagram, or in the various magazines and publications listed here. If you are interested in my photographic services please feel free to contact me via matt@mtunderwatermedia.com or on the Contact page.