Seahorse Portraits from the Victorian Ocean

Mmy very first official publication has been launched. Currently it is available from the website and will shortly be available in a few select Melbourne, Australia dive shops and book shops. 

The book is an A5 coffee table style book that contains 45 full colour images of Seahorse Portraits I have taken from these amazing animals in the wild oceans of Victoria, Australia. Divided into three sections in attempts to chronicle the amazing array of expressions and emotions seahorses convey on their intricately beautiful faces. 

Seahorses are amazing animals but they are also extremely camera shy. Many will never look at the camera at all instead they shift their heads to look away. Often I come away from weeks of diving without a single good image of one of these amazing animals. 

Perhaps the most surprising expression I can across when photographing these fish (yeah unbelievably seahorses are actually a type of fish) was the one that showed contempt and frustrations. These usually cute and shy creatures can turn on some seriously annoyed expressions when they feel protected. Indeed approach a Seahorse that is safe behind a shelter and they can look at you with a deep look of annoyance. 

So if you wish to see a different side of these amazing animals keep an eye out for the book or order one from my online store :)

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