Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia has a reputation for crabs, seadragons and seahorses however most don't know that it is one of the best places in Australia to see Jellyfish of all shapes and sizes. Young vibrantly red Lionsmane Jellyfish mingle with huge Haekels and Blueblubber Jellyfish throughout the bay as winter comes to and end and spring dawns. 

The beaches around the bay become littered with washed up jellyfish which may not look to impressive on the sand but when they pulsate through the ocean their underwater beauty is hard to rival. 

The three Jellyfish mentioned above are just a subset of the species that are on Melbourne's door step. To tell the difference between the main three however their are a few handy tactics. 

Lionsmane Jellyfish have partially clear white domes atop vibrant red bodies, indeed they don't resemble the standard animal most people think of. Their dozens of noodle like tentacles however do lend to the Jellyfish identity, look closely and you may even find a fish or two inside. 

Haekels Jellyfish are often extremely large at bigger than a watermelon and have subtle movements that carry them up and down within the oceans vertical plane. They have defined ragged looking tentacles and a dull orange pinkish cross beneath their impressive domes. Often they will also have what is akin to a tail dangling below them in a ribbon like shape. 

Blue Blubbers are similar in size to the Haekels but have a more refined smooth shape without ragged tentacle/arms, indeed they are often compared with rockets due to their smooth aerodynamic shapes. 


Blueblubber JellyfishLionsmane JellyfishHaekels Jellyfish

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