A curious Giant Cuttlefish

Sea creatures often shy away from big lumbering divers that are intruding on their space. Some however let curiosity get the better of them, the Giant Cuttlefish (Sepia apama) is one of these creatures. These highly intelligent animals will often emerge from beneath a rocky shelf to investigate you by taking an in depth and close look. 

This individual happily cruised along beside as I swam along taking photos both of it and the amazing clear blue water that was filled with Old Wives having a morning sun-bake. At points during this up close and personal interaction I noticed the Cuttlefish became slightly agitated and would occasionally raise its front arms in warning. At first I thought It must have been threatened by me but upon looking behind it I noticed a small fish was biting its behind. Every-time this occurred the Cuttlefish would turn around and stare into the cave by which time the feisty fish had retreated. This event repeated itself several times and was a fascinating experience to watch!

Eventually we parted ways and he returned to his rocky reef shelf and I unfortunately to the world above. 


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